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Price Match Promise

Getting value for money is important everyone. Our partners search the whole of the market to get you the best price for your insurance.

Annual Review Service

When your life changes, your life insurance needs to also. Our panel of specialists get in touch with you regularly to make sure you are fully protected.

Panel of Personal Advisors

Our partners give you a highly skilled life insurance expert which works with you solely. Their advisors will work to get you the best possible protection.

Policy Deed of Trust Service

Our panel of specialist insurers offer to place your policies into Trust for FREE. Trusts help to avoid tax, save time and pay out how you want it to.

Insurance for people living with health difficulties

Have you been refused Life Insurance, Critical Illness Cover or Income Protection? Are you concerned that you might struggle to get cover because of your health, occupation, pastimes or travel?

Impaired Life Insurance understand how important insurance is and how difficult it can be to get the cover if you have pre-existing medical conditions.

Impaired Life Insurance was developed to help everybody to get the insurance that they need. Impaired Life Insurance knows you need the right cover at the best price and our commitment to you is to make sure you get it we have access to every life insurance agency in the UK so you will receive the best advice from best insurer to suit your needs.

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