Diabetes type 1 life insurance

Have you been diagnosed with diabetes type 1? Are you trying to find diabetes type 1 life insurance? iLi is a comparison service specialising in helping people with pre-existing medical conditions such as diabetes type 1 to find affordable life insurance. Our unique comparison service enables you to check quotes from an approved group of impaired insurance specialists. With iLi, you can find the right diabetes type 1 life insurance policy at the best price.

About diabetes type 1

Diabetes type 1 is classed as a life-long pre-existing medical condition. It typically lasts for the duration of a person’s life, and occurs when blood sugar levels in the body become too high. The hormone that regulates the amount of sugar that is present in our blood is called insulin, which is produced by the pancreas. As we digest food, insulin from the pancreas moves glucose out of our bloodstream and into cells, giving our body fuel. People with diabetes type 1 are not able to break down glucose because of a lack of insulin in their body, and therefore need regular injections of insulin in order to break down glucose.

People who are diagnosed with diabetes type 1 do not need to make lifestyle changes (as with diabetes type 2), and will frequently require insulin injections for the rest of their lives. That said, there is no reason why a person with diabetes type 1 cannot live a normal, healthy life.

For this reason, and as diabetes type 1 is a common pre-existing medical condition, many insurers offer and accept applications from people looking for diabetes type 1 life insurance. To receive your own personalised quotes from our approved network of impaired insurance specialists, enter your details into our 30-second form.

Finding insurers for diabetes type 1 life insurance

It is always worth bearing in mind that every person’s condition is different in severity. Every life insurance application and quotes received will vary from person to person. If your diabetes type 1 is well managed, you have no additional underlying health conditions and keep yourself healthy and active, an insurer is likely to accept your application for life insurance. All insurers will however manage their level of risk when assessing your application. With iLi, you can easily find the right diabetes type 1 life insurance for your circumstances. Be instantly matched with FCA-regulated impaired insurance specialists that meet your requirements by entering your details into our form on this page.

Cost for diabetes type 1 life insurance premiums

In the world of insurance, diabetes type 1 is considered to be a pre-existing medical condition (like asthma). If you have a pre-existing condition, you should expect to pay higher premiums than a person with no health conditions at all, as there may be links to additional health complications. However, premiums for diabetes type 1 life insurance should be no more than other pre-existing medical conditions. The quotes you receive for premiums will depend on your current health, whether you smoke or drink heavily, whether your diabetes type 1 is under control, and whether you have had any associated health complications that are linked to diabetes type 1 (such as heart disease or stroke).

Prices from insurers will vary, which is why iLi is the perfect tool to use to find the best diabetes type 1 life insurance specialist.

You may find that a loading fee is applied to your policy. This is an increase on the price you pay as a premium, depending on your level of risk to an insurer. For instance, if you have had severe health complications as a result of your diabetes type 1, such as a heart attack, stroke or heart disease, or if your condition cannot be controlled through injections alone, an insurer may take the view that there is a greater chance of a claim being made in the future. A loading fee may therefore be applied to cover this risk.

At iLi, our specialist impaired life insurance partners and comparison service can help you find the right FCA-regulated diabetes type 1 life insurers that suit your needs. You can compare prices and find the best deal so that you can obtain life insurance cover at a reasonable price. It’s quick and easy to get your quote.

Companies offering diabetes type 1 life insurance

iLi works with many of the UK’s leading diabetes type 1 life insurance providers. With our panel of FCA-registered impaired life insurance specialists, you can receive quotes from more than one diabetes type 1 life insurance provider. Simply enter your details into one of our quick and easy online forms to receive quotes. This should help you to find:

– Diabetes type 1 life insurance cover at a reasonable price
– Peace of mind knowing that your loved ones, assets and property are covered
– A reputable insurer with a record of accepting diabetes type 1 life insurance applications

Further cover for diabetes type 1 life insurance

Critical illness cover

Insurers generally take the same approach towards applications for critical illness cover that they do for life insurance. Unfortunately, on the standard life insurance market, critical illness cover is not offered to people with diabetes type 1. There may however be specialist insurers that are willing to accept applications, though such policies may come at higher premiums and have various exclusions applied to them.

Fill in our simple form to get matched with a quote from an approved and vetted critical illness insurer today. We search the market for you – it’s quick, straightforward, and saves you time and money.

Help and support

For more information about living with diabetes type 1, visit the following links:

Diabetes UK
Or visit one of our Impaired Life Leads dedicated websites.

If you have diabetes type 1, you may be wondering where to find the best price and insurer for your circumstances, and where you will be accepted for cover. iLi can help you save both money and time, while making the purchasing of life insurance as quick and simple as possible. Just fill in our easy 30-second form with your details to be referred to our specialist impaired life insurance partners for diabetes type 1 life insurance.