Insurance for People with Medical Conditions

Some example health conditions that could affect insurance applications include:

  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Diabetes 1 & 2
  • HIV
  • Epilepsy

For all forms of Life Insurance, Critical Illness Cover and Income Protection, health and medical conditions will be taken into account. There are thousands of potential medical conditions that insurance providers would need to know about if you have had them.

Many health conditions do not change the price of a life insurance policy, especially if the health condition is mild, well controlled or has been fully recovered from. More serious medical problems however such as cancer, heart attacks, diabetes and strokes will likely have a larger impact on the monthly premium.

For policies such as Life Insurance it is extremely unlikely that you will have a health exclusion placed upon your policy. Life Insurance is either offered at normal terms (no price change), at special terms (with a price increase) or declined (no cover offered).

Plans such as Critical Illness Cover and Income Protection can sometimes have a medical exclusion placed on them instead of a price increase. This depends on the condition and its severity.
It is important that you answer medical questions truthfully to an Insurer as failure to tell them about pending treatment, investigations or previous medical conditions could see a claim turned down.

What Will the Insurers Need to Know?

Each insurance company is different and the questions asked may differ depending on if you are looking for Life Insurance, Critical Illness Cover or Income Protection Insurance. Depending on the condition that you have you may be asked more in-depth questions relating to your condition. In general, insurance providers will want to know the following details from you:

  • Details of any serious conditions you have ever had, such as heart attacks, cancer, strokes and diabetes
  • Details of any other conditions that you have had in the last five years
  • Details of any pending treatment or medical appointments
  • For a declared condition, what treatment you have had, if you required time off work and if you are fully recovered
  • Please note these questions are not exhaustive, you may need to answer more questions about your health or allow the company to write to your GP for the information

Each of these factors (along with others) are considered by the individual insurer who then analyses the risk that these present against the cover you require.

How the Impaired Life Insurance can Help?

As there are a range of insurance companies in the UK, all with different acceptance criteria and prices, it is essential that your cover be placed with the right one. Some policies may have exclusions that relate to your health condition and some may increase premiums to cover the extra risk. In some situations, however you might be able to source the cover at a standard premium with no health exclusions and no price increase.

It is therefore very important to either speak to an insurance adviser or fully research the cover you require to ensure you are adequately protected at the right price.

Here at the Impaired Life Insurance we have years of experience in placing cover for people with health conditions simply request a quotation online.

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