Life insurance with pre-existing medical conditions

Do you need life insurance for a pre-existing medical condition such as asthma, diabetes, heart disease or obesity? Taking out life insurance can give you peace of mind knowing that you are your family are financially covered should anything happen to you. At iLi we specialise in helping people with pre-existing medical conditions to find suitable life insurance cover quickly and easily. Our unique comparison service and network of approved impaired insurance specialists can help you find the best policy at the right price.

What is a pre-existing medical condition?

A pre-existing medical condition is a disease, illness or injury that existed either before or at the time of you taking out a life insurance policy, i.e. it is a condition that you are aware of when you make an application for life insurance. Many insurers have a list of conditions that they consider to be ‘pre-existing’, including obesity, HIV, asthma, diabetes, heart disease and epilepsy.

Finding insurers for a pre-existing medical condition

It can feel overwhelming to try and search the market for an insurer that covers pre-existing medical conditions, especially when it comes to policy exclusions. If you have a pre-existing medical condition (like diabetes or asthma), some insurers can be cautious about accepting applications. An insurer will always examine your application carefully and look at your circumstances to determine your level of risk. This is standard practice on the part of all insurers. If you have a pre-existing medical condition, you may be accepted by an insurer on either standard terms or with higher premiums depending on your condition and circumstances.

It is important to always declare all information when making an application for life insurance to cover a pre-existing medical condition. This is because if you made a claim in future and it turned out that you had a pre-existing medical condition but did not declare it, your policy could be void.
You should always declare any pre-existing illnesses or conditions you have at the time of (and prior to making) your application. At iLi, we can compare the market to help you find the right insurer for your pre-existing medical condition.

Pre-existing medical condition life insurance premiums

If you have a fairly common pre-existing medical condition (like asthma or diabetes), you should expect to pay higher premiums than a person with no health conditions at all, but no more than other pre-existing medical conditions, meaning that the increase should be minimal. This will however depend on the severity of your condition, when you were diagnosed, any medications and treatment you are undertaking to control your condition, and your general health and lifestyle (i.e. if you smoke, drink heavily etc).

Prices from insurers will vary depending on who you speak to, which is why iLi is the perfect place to find the best pre-existing medical condition life insurance.

You may find that a loading fee is applied to your policy. This is an increase on the price you pay as a premium, depending on your level of risk to an insurer. For instance, if your condition is severe, you have recently been hospitalised for treatment and/or you have to take strong medications to control your symptoms, an insurer may take the opinion that there is a heightened risk of you making a claim in future. A loading fee may be applied to cover this risk.

At iLi, our specialist impaired life insurance partners and comparison service can help you find the right FCA-regulated life insurer that suits your needs. It’s quick and easy to get your quote.

Which companies offer life insurance for pre-existing medical conditions?

iLi works with many of the UK’s leading life insurance providers, many of whom accept applications for pre-existing medical conditions. With our panel of FCA registered impaired life insurance specialists, you can receive multiple quotes from suitable insurers for your needs. Just submit your details through one of our online forms to receive quotes and be specially matched against the UK’s leading FCA-regulated insurance providers. This should help you to find:

– A competitive price for pre-existing medical condition cover
– The right amount of cover that perfectly suits your circumstances and needs
– An insurer with a detailed knowledge and understanding of your pre-existing medical condition

Further cover for pre-existing medical conditions

Critical illness cover for pre-existing medical conditions

iLi’s policy comparison service can help you find the right critical illness cover for a pre-existing medical condition such as diabetes, asthma or heart disease. Many insurers assess critical illness cover in the same way that they would an application for life insurance. Every person’s needs are different, and you may have exclusions added to your policy depending on your circumstances and the nature of your pre-existing medical condition. Get matched with a quote from the right approved and vetted insurer today by filling in our quick 30-second form.

Don’t spend hours searching the internet for the right pre-existing medical condition life insurance. At iLi we can do the hard work for you, making the purchasing of life insurance as quick and straightforward as possible. Find the right insurer for your condition by filling in our easy 30second form with your details to be referred to our specialist impaired life insurance partners. Our free service can help you find the most comprehensive cover for a pre-existing medical condition at the right price.